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Hi CKIers!

This past Friday I (Melanie) went to an even called “Charity Dresses” with fellow CKI member Kim Nguyen. Charity Dresses is an organization that gets dresses donated from both bridal stores and from brides so that the dresses can be sold/re-sold at a much lower cost to new brides. During the event our duties were to just help brides pick out dresses and make sure that all the wedding gowns and were put back properly.

One of the most enjoyable things from the event was that Kim and I got to look at all these what were once extremely expensive, brand new, wedding gowns (there was a Valentino dress that was originally $2,500 that was being sold for $250!). And we also got to select dresses for brides that we thought might look good on them. Also, there were cupcakes from a local baker who is on a TLC cupcake competition..the cupcakes were AMAZING (especially the red velvet).

I think that I can say on both mine and Kim’s behalf that some of those wedding dresses are a lot heavier than they appear (like you need two people to carry one dress type of heavy).

But overall I would definitely do this event again, it was a lot of fun, the other helpers were really nice, and it felt great knowing that you helped a bride pick out her outfit for what is suppose to be considered one of the biggest days of her life.

Melanie Thomson (Single Service Chair)

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